Our specific approach


We give you access to a vast network of public and private partners, allowing you to enjoy rich, varied contacts in the health and life sciences sector, with a particular focus on e-health, medical devices and biotechnologies. However, other sectors of technological activity are welcome, as we strongly believe in the cross-fertilisation of experiences from different backgrounds and degrees of maturity.

Demystification of failure

We want to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to test their business project very quickly in the field without fearing the consequences of possible failure. To do this, we practice the "Easy in/Easy out" formula. When you are approved to join BLSI, based mainly on the criteria of innovation, growth potential and the appropriateness of the team, you can set up in the incubator very quickly. Likewise, when you leave the incubator, you can free up the space with just two months' notice.


Our start-up position has fairly flexible entry criteria for aspiring entrepreneurs. Given the high level of risk involved in developing new technological activities, we want young entrepreneurs to have the time to test their business plan at the speed that is right for them.


We are available to provide start-ups with information and customised advice, whilst leaving them free to make the final decision on which actions to take. We also do not make any financial contribution to the start-ups we host, guaranteeing total management independence.


As a semi-public incubator, we provide our services impartially and equitably to all BLSI start-ups.


We keep in mind the need to challenge ourselves to promote innovation, which is also what we recommend to our start-ups. Small day-to-day changes lead to a substantial change that benefits the companies we incubate.

Centrality of the human person

The centrality of the human person is our belief at all levels. We cultivate the constant reflex of encouraging beneficial interactions, both to solve business-related problems and to enhance the friendliness and sense of community engendered by the incubator. Solitude has no place at BLSI.

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