Customised support

Individual coaching

Launching a start-up is a lifestyle choice that requires a wide range of personal skills and technical ability. Daring, a desire for autonomy and an unstoppable taste for innovation will no doubt drive you to prepare a business plan based on an original business idea. When you are ready to make your new entrepreneurial adventure happen, we would be delighted to welcome you to the BLSI incubator and offer you customised support.

Although all personal situations are different, it is still possible to identify the typical portrait of a would-be entrepreneur ready to join BLSI: often alone or with a partner, with solid technical skills and a good knowledge of the products or services in their target market, but with little managerial experience. A tailor-made coaching journey will be agreed together after an initial global diagnostic interview. The aim is to create a structure for your project, see how it can progress over time, identify the priorities and develop your personal skills, while letting you make the final decision on the different points discussed, to give you all the autonomy an entrepreneur must demonstrate. At BLSI, we will not make any financial contribution to your project, to avoid any risk of a conflict of interests.

Start-ups must tackle a wide range of issues regarding technology (inventory of the specific features the innovative product or service needs, the setting up of research and development projects, ergonomics, etc.) and business (current regulations, client segmentation, targeted communication, creation of a high-performing team, acceptable price for future clients, etc.). To deal with this very diversified range of subjects, we have created a vast network of partners who we can contact for specific issues.

For start-ups in the field of health and life sciences, we organise monthly surgeries with the cluster that hold customised tripartite (start-up, incubator and cluster) monitoring meetings to provide customised project monitoring. This synergetic support provides a real boost to your project during its incubation phase at BLSI.

Information kiosk

During your incubation at BLSI, you will have the opportunity to obtain all kinds of information crucial to the development of your young business. The BLSI team is available on site to provide information on different subjects:

Financial aid: there are a number of options for applying for a subsidy, investment credit, capital shareholding or a crowdfunding campaign.

Identification of partners: we can put you in touch with organisations that can help set up a research and development project, prepare for a trade fair abroad or recruit qualified personnel.

Technical aspects: for example to install a web server, configure a VPN connection or place an extractor in a laboratory.

Logistical aspects: for example, to organise a seminar or training session, manage the sending and receipt of parcels or sort waste.

As well as the incubator team, you will of course be able to take advantage of the community of BLSI residents, which has a vast amount of experience to share and tips and tricks to discover.

Coaching session