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An all-in fee is charged for BLSI’s services, covering occupation of the private areas, utilities, maintenance and cleaning, access to shared areas and basic services. Only individual consumption such as outgoing telephone calls, photocopies, printing, use of the meeting rooms in excess of what is covered by the all-in fee, and requests for specific services are charged for separately.


True to the mission of incubators, BLSI offers a range of logistical services to the businesses which it hosts. Among these are:

  • Telephone answering service and reception of visitors
  • Mail distribution and sending service
  • Reservation service for the meeting/conference rooms, and catering
  • Photocopying, scanning, printing, sending/receiving faxes, etc.
  • Cleaning and removal of waste
  • Public Internet access for visitors

These services are included in the all-in payment calculated on the basis of the surface area occupied.


The businesses in the incubator also have special entitlement to the competencies and infrastructure of UCL’s laboratories and technology platforms, such as privileged access to certain advanced scientific equipment and the expertise of the University’s scientists.

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The BLSI team and the extensive network that it maintains can provide personalised assistance to entrepreneurs and innovative young businesses in the following areas:

  • Access to an extensive network of advisers, business mentors and coaches
  • Sectoral information and technology survey service
  • Organisation of networking events
  • Assistance in obtaining public financial support (scholarships, grants, loans)
  • Assistance in finding private funding (capital, loans)
  • Assistance in recruiting and organising teams
  • Legal, financial and accounting advice