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Shared areas


BLSI welcomes your visitors and provides a shared office infrastructure (sorting and distribution of mail, photocopying, scanning of documents, sending/receiving of faxes, etc.).

Meeting rooms

The BLSI incubator has three 14 m² meeting rooms (max. 8 people) equipped with a wide LED screen to which a PC can be connected, a conference-type telephone and public access to the WiFi network.

Moreover, a multi-purpose room with an adjustable floor space of 14 m² to 56 m² can be used to organise meetings of more than 8 people or conferences/seminars.

Lounge area

A relaxation area equipped with comfortable armchairs is the place where BLSI occupants can share their experiences over a good cup of coffee.


A fully equipped kitchen (with fridges, microwave ovens, dishwasher, crockery, Nespresso™ coffee machine, chilled water dispenser and soft drinks machine) is made available to the occupants and their visitors. Occupants can eat lunch at the incubator’s furnished cafeteria whilst enjoying a spectacular view of Brussels.

Car parks

BLSI manages some of the parking spaces in the neighbouring Campanile car park.

Parking is offered free of charge to all visitors (clients, suppliers, partners, etc.) during their visits.

Moreover, for each complete module occupied by a business (per 42 m²), one private parking space is allocated without additional payment.

It is possible to rent additional parking spaces. It is also worth noting that BLSI is only a minute’s walk from the Alma and Vandervelde metro stations.